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5 things to consider when renting a yacht with a captain

For a long time, yachting was a closed environment and only a selected few had access to this expensive hobby. But times are changing and now more and more boatowners are moving from owning yachts to renting. Also, many bloggers, stars and public figures use yachts to get closer to the sea, and all because - it has become so simple. Sometimes relaxing on a yacht is cheaper than renting an entire establishment for a party or going on a vacation to a regular hotel for a week.

Founders Story: How “Dream Sail Me” came to life

New sailing yachts in the fleet of the charter company DreamSailMe are luxurious, comfortable and very caring for their guests, providing the best conditions for recreational charter in Montenegro. Are you interested in finding out how the DreamSailMe brand was born? Yes? So let's get acquainted!