5 things to consider when renting a yacht with a captain

For a long time, yachting was a closed environment and only a selected few had access to this expensive hobby. But times are changing and now more and more boatowners are moving from owning yachts to renting. Also, many bloggers, stars and public figures use yachts to get closer to the sea, and all because - it has become so simple. Sometimes relaxing on a yacht is cheaper than renting an entire establishment for a party or going on a vacation to a regular hotel for a week.

There are two types of yacht rental: rental with or without a captain. You can rent a boat with a captain for an hourly, daily or weekly rate. Hourly yacht rental is ideal for different types of events, while the possibility of renting a yacht for a day or week is ideal for long journeys by a cheerful company.

When you rent a boat with a captain, you need to consider the following:

  • The older the boat, the less comfort. The yacht can creak, leak, have a visually untidy look, smell bad and need to be repaired on the go.
  • To rent a yacht with a captain for the week you need to bear in mind that all weekly charters in most countries always start on Saturday. We are not an exception, because this is the best way to use the work week.
  • It is also worth considering that the captain and his deck hand must sleep in a separate cabin. Therefore, in Bavaria 46 where 4 cabins one cabin is always reserved for the crew. Unless the captain agrees to sleep somewhere else.
  • When you look at the prices for a cabin charter, which means only a spot in the cabin, you need to take into account that there are a lot of hidden costs. For example - food, parking in marinas, fuel, bed linen, etc. But, you can always request the exact budget from the organizer of the trip.
  • The captain monitors your safety, creates an interesting route, tells fascinating stories and reveals secret places that only local people know about, so respect it and obey the sailing etiquette :)

In order to rent a yacht with a captain you need:

1. Choose a week and a couple of spare ones, when you can go
2. Invite your friends and loved ones.
3. Check flight tickets to Tivat.
4. Send us a request to info@dreamsail.me or call +372 56 97 20 75 to arrange dates.