Founders Story: How “Dream Sail Me” came to life

New sailing yachts in the fleet of the charter company DreamSailMe are luxurious, comfortable and very caring for their guests, providing the best conditions for recreational charter in Montenegro. Are you interested in finding out how the DreamSailMe brand was born? Yes? So let's get acquainted!

My name is Darja and I love traveling, bright emotions and beauty! How so? After all, I am a marketer and for 5 years we have been conducting fascinating yacht trips with my beloved partner Nikita for our guests in Estonia. But we were overworking on the numerous marine projects and for many years we had no opportunity to relax in the warm seas due to the seasonal specifics of our activities in the north. The preparations for the season took a lot of effort and energy and during the summer season we were sailing with our guests, while Nikita was saving the boats during the severe Baltic storms in the autumn. And after another tense winter, we were on the verge of a nervous breakdown, although we had a whole Baltic season with guests ahead of us.

I urgently needed to do something!

It so happened that our friend was in Montenegro that summer and sent us a plain photo of the view from the cafe where he was sitting. The azure sea, mountains, +25 degrees Celsius (when we enjoy the amazing +12 at the end of May), did the job and I immediately bought us two tickets for a week.

There, sitting on a yacht in the marina surrounded by high mountains and fabulous nature, we realized that Montenegro is the place where we want to expand. The subconscious immediately began to paint images in our heads and over the next two years we gradually added paint to our perfect picture. These few years I have been creating the impossible: I was preparing our yacht charter in Estonia for expansion refining administration, communications, sales, finance, services, quality, image and branding. I brought our Estonian brand North Dream Yacht to a completely independent structure, and this year we bought two new sailing yachts of the 2017 and 2018 build years in Montenegro under the Estonian flag. Our new boats immediately created a huge interest. The Luštica Bay Marina uses them for its VIP guests, agents leave us from competitors, people take pictures, ask and book dream sailing vacation.

Is it difficult to start from scratch in a new country? Of course, when you need to be an ideological visionary, a designer, a financier, a manager, a marketer and a PR specialist all in one person - you forget what boring is at all. But I adore this rhythm and absolutely cannot live without it. I want to create and do everything to grow and become better!

My goal is to share my dream and motivate people to fulfill their desires. After all, now you do not need to buy your own sailing boats to wake up on the coastline. You can simply rent our yachts for a week or two, wake up every morning in a picturesque bay overlooking the mountains and return home full of bright emotions, strength and energy! You do not need to think about the boat maintenance procedures or where to get a specialist to repair a particular part. We take all the hard work and titanic efforts on ourselves. Here we carefully select high-quality equipment for the yachts and their sea journeys, give competent advice in local areas, help to make the best route and, if necessary, send an experienced skipper with you. After all, we know from personal experience how important the care and support from the land is.

If you want to relax beautifully and carelessly on luxury yachts, then you have the right coordinates! On our pages you can find the yachts descriptions, prices, get advice, and make a reservation.

Welcome aboard!