10 facts about Montenegro

1. In order to buy a bottle of beer in Montenegro, you must first give the cashier an empty one.

2. The Canyon of the Montenegrian River Tara is the deepest in Europe and the second after the Grand Canyon in the USA. Its depth reaches 1,300 meters, while the water in this river is recognized so pure that it can be drunk without purification.

3. There are 270 sunny days a year in Montenegro.

4. The official currency in Montenegro is euro, but it was implemented without the knowledge and consent of the European Central Bank.

5. Seafood is considered a delicacy. Although Montenegro is washed by the Adriatic Sea, there is simply no industrial fishing in the country. Fish in the restaurants come from private fishermen.
6. Nature reserves and natural parks occupy about a quarter of the entire territory of Montenegro.

7. One of the three virgin forests that have been preserved in Europe is located in the Biogradska Gora reserve.

8. In Montenegro, there is almost no theft. Even in supermarkets, temporary storage cells are not equipped with keys.

9. Taxi drivers can be fined if they put a not sober tourist in the front seat.

10. For assault in Montenegro immediately imprisoned. Therefore, it is a very safe country.