Yacht route in Montenegro



18:00 Arrival to the yacht

Stress, problems and city bustle remain on the shore, and now you step on the deck of the yacht in anticipation of an unforgettable sailing adventure.

A couple of formalities, and you can settle in the cabins. You fall into bed with a sigh of satisfaction or take a quick shower and go grocery shopping.

Meanwhile, it is getting dark. Mouth-watering smells remind you that it is time for dinner, and you go to one of the local restaurants. Eat in an atmosphere and admire the serene scenery and views of the Blue Cave. The day ends with loud laughter and clinking glasses.

Tip: In your free time, you can stroll around the five-star town of our home marina "Lustica Bay" and swim on the private beach.

Day 2

Lustica - Budva Riviera

Tip: We recommend starting your day with a cup of real Turkish coffee with Turkish sweets, made on the sand at a local restaurant. Early risers might head to the private beach for a swim before breakfast.

After breakfast, we finally leave Lustica Bay Marina and head to the elite resort. But first, of course, we anchor to swim. Loud music and diving is a hit of the program today, because on the way we have two stops in picturesque bays, where we swim, dine on the yacht and enjoy the gentle sun.

In the evening, our first incredible sunset overlooking the great mountains awaits us - by the way, this is the perfect moment for a photo session and the beginning of possibly the most romantic night of your life! After the memory card is already completely full, we anchor and prepare a delicious dinner with a glass of Montenegrin wine. The soft light of the moon illuminates everything around and makes the environment more and more fabulous.

Today we sleep under the stars in seclusion from the hustle and bustle of the people.

Day 3

Budva Riviera - Lustica

We wake up in the arms of great mountains and a radiant sun. Someone has already brewed coffee and the pleasant smell playfully tickled the charm. Time for a short trip ashore. We buy inflatable flamingos, unicorns and donuts, and return to the yacht.

Our goal for today: cedar groves and royal beaches of the most expensive resorts of the Budva Riviera, where rich and famous people relax. Only residents of local hotels are allowed to enter the territory, so the absence of tourists is guaranteed.

Bonus: here you have a unique opportunity to book a table for an early dinner and eat where Yuri Gagarin once relaxed; model Claudia Schiffer; the famous wealthy McNamara and Rockefeller; director, screenwriter and actor Sergei Bondarchuk, Jeremy Irons and Sylvester Stallone.

In the evening, we return to Lustica and replenish fresh water supplies, buy our favorite delicacies. We spend the night at the marina.

Day 4

Lustica - Herceg Novi

The greenest city on the coast is on the agenda.

We leave Lustica Bay Marina after breakfast and stop at the Blue Cave on the way. This is where SUP boards and GoPro are needed. The sun's rays are refracted in clear water, giving the cave a bright turquoise color. A real fairy tale from Montenegrin nature.

We swim unfil fully fulfilled and dine under the steep cliffs. There is nowhere to rush, so we calmly sit in the shade or sunbathe on the deck. Towards evening we are met by Herceg Novi - the city of 10,000 steps. We moor the yacht in the marina and get used to the fact that the earth is under our feet for a while again :) The appetite after a whole day at sea is excellent, so it's time to have a supper. Juicy pleskavitsa, chevapchichi, grilled fish - makes one salivating just from the smell!

We have a dinner, walk the extra calories along the beach and, satisfied, go to bed.

Tip: in Herceg Novi you can buy inexpensive things, souvenirs and gifts.

Day 5

Herceg Novi - Kotor

In the morning you will have time to explore the surroundings and all kinds of handicraft shops.

Tip: be sure to go up to the paid observation deck of the old fortress. The entrance costs only a couple of euros, but the view is priceless.

We return to the yacht and charge our phones and cameras. The culmination of our route is on the horizon in the truest sense of the word. Ahead is a city that has existed on the map since 168 BC. A city that is protected by UNESCO World Heritage.

On the way, we stop for water procedures (where can we do without them :)) among the southernmost fjords of Europe. In the evening, finally, we arrive to the special place. Hello, the "capital" of the Bay of Kotor. Hello, the city of Kotor!

Day 6

Kotor - Porto Montenegro

The penultimate day of the route begins with your enthusiastic view of the Kotor Valley. In order to catch it before the main stream of tourists, we climb the fortress of St. Ivan as early as possible and meet the very view that is located on all postcards and hashtags with the word "Kotor".

After breakfast we go through the whole bay to the best marina in Montenegro. Porto Montenegro - this is a complex luxury project worth 1 billion euros. Luxurious yachts, a five-star casino and a hotel, elite residential buildings, bars, a conference center, a sports complex... There are no analogues to this yacht complex in the whole Adriatic, and in Europe there are only a couple.

We dress up and walk among the millionaires. We dine at the pier.

Tip: lovers of branded items can go shopping here. We will also tell you and show you where to taste the most delicious ice cream.

Day 7

Porto Montenegro - Lustica

“Morning is never good” - say only those who did not wake up on a yacht in Porto Montenegro ;) Surrounded by the calm surface of the water, saturated sea air and slightly swaying branches of palm trees.

We find a place for breakfast and go for a walk along the marina. We relax, take photos and go shopping. After lunch we say goodbye to Porto Montenegro and return to our yacht. For the last time we swim in the sea and in the late afternoon we return to our home marina “Lustica Bay”.

Day 8

Čao Montenegro!

Someone goes to the airport, and someone rents a car and goes to explore the mountainous world of Montenegro. We kiss, hug tightly and say goodbye for a short while. See you soon, friends!